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At JD's, providing delectable dishes and ensuring your event runs smoothly is our highest priority. We can cater a wide range of events for 50 to 500 people, including weddings and large corporate gatherings. One of our owners, Lisa, specializes in wedding cakes and pastry items. Our chefs take great pride in providing diverse menus for our customers to enjoy that include Thai, Indian, Mediterranean, and Texan cuisine options. 


We work hard to customize your experience, from wedding catering to birthday celebrations we'll happily create the perfect menu for you. The quality of our dishes speaks for themselves, as even our down-home Texas barbeque and Tex-Mex dishes feature fresh ingredients and cultivated tastes. Being a full service catering company, we provide everything you need for your event, including a custom menu, tablecloths, napkins, and anything else you need for an enjoyable occasion.




1105 Wooded Acres Dr. Suite 430
Waco TX 76710


Monday – Friday | 8am – 5pm
Available for events 24/7




Specialized Cuisine to
Please Every Taste

The husband and wife team at JD's has been perfecting their cooking styles for over 30 years. Lisa grew up in Thailand, and  was  cultured in world cuisine. Here, she was able to experience and taste a variety of international flavors. It was here that she was exposed to find desserts and European delicacies. Her husband, Joshua, grew up as a Texas local. He developed his culinary style around Texas and Southern cuisine, especially barbecue & Tex-Mex. The marriage of these two styles has resulted in some truly unique dishes—from multicultural flavors  to old-school Texan tastes, we've got it covered. 

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